If you’re tired of peels that cause lots of irritation and inflammation, with the cautionary requests for days off work,the Porcelain Peel may be for You.

This Peel has a very different approach as it seeks to protect the lipid barrier of the skin with Squalane throughout the process. With the addition of L-Alpha Bisabolol , a Potent anti-inflammatory, it’s the first Peel that can be applied and manipulated on any area of the face and body with no immediate redness and no peeling afterwards.

The goal of a Porcelain peeling session is to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and various types of pigmentation. We are infusing the skin with anti-aging actives as we breakdown the Stratum Corneum. This is a treatment that uses Chirally Correct Lactic Acid ( to increase the moisture level of the skin), Kambuchka to ( increase the density and luminosity of the skin ) and Diatomaceous Earth ( to polish and remove surface buildup) allowing for maximal absorption of the prior ingredients.

This method of peeling increases the permeability of the skin, which is important for the application of Meristems and OliveM1000, to restore the barrier. This Second step is Called Sustenance which is a hydrolipid that uses water, coconut water or Sprays On Moisture as a catalyst. With the addition of the Modvellum home care, this new and healthier appearing skin can be maintained with ease.

A 10-day Preparation of the skin is required with homecare products for the most beneficial results.

1 – › The first step is the cleaners. You need 2 type one for the night and another one for the day.
We like to keep sun-sensitizing products away from daytime use for additional protection. The skin needs to have contact with Tyrostat to reduce pigmentation in the morning and in the evening the cranberry pomegranate extract will reduce inflammation while the enzymes and acids will remove surface buildup.
2- › All clients need the spray on moisturizer because the heavy water molecule will increase the moisture content of the skin which not only allows the moisturizers to penetrate better but it allows for a more even peel.
3- › After wetting the skin with spray on moisture you need to use a few drops serums ( day and night )
4- › Using stem cell on a nightly basis. Nighttime cream increases the strength of the skin.

Do not use this Peel for 6 weeks following laser treatments and 2 weeks post antibiotics. Clients who are prone to Herpes need to consult a physician and must be on anti-viral for 20 days prior.
Also, clients must use a mandatory SPF 30 during the day for the entire process.

Modvellum Products Are

Organic when possible. Vegetarian always. Vegan when possible.Chirally Correct. No artificial fragrances. No dyes. No talc. No buffers.non-toxic. Propylene glycol free. Parabens free. Hydroquinone-free. Sodium lauryl sulfate free. Non-comedogenic plant-sourced. Gluten free when possible. 100% biodegradable. Technician strength. Made in an FDA register lab.

Porcelain peel + Nano device 900 $
Package of 3
1500 package of 6