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“Estheticians and skin care specialists are.It is my goal to help others love their skin by providing them with the information,tools and treatments they need to feel healthier and beautiful.”

Naghmeh’s Story.

Naghmeh has been a Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist for over 25 years. Her skills has been internationally recognized as she received “Cosmetic Award” in Dubai in 1990, and Kuwait in 1995 from the finest salons. She also continued her profession in Istanbul, Turkey and Vienna, Austria and remained as a skillful star. Naghmeh started her profession in the D.C. area since 2005 in the finest and busiest Spa. Her specialties are in European way of skin care, facials and waxing services. The waxing services include brow shaping, Brazilian, and full body. Her clients are very happy with her meticulousness and amazed by her fast,timely and gently services.


Did you know that the average wax in the city takes 45 minutes? Who wants to lie around being pawed and pulled at for that length of time? Not us! That’s why we use the quick waxing method to ensure less pain & the ultimate in-and-out experience.


Forget those high-end spas with their fancy price tags. Waxing shouldn’t break the bank, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for cost. Our quick turnarounds and open door policy help us ensure our prices remain attractive.


We want to be a place where you can come to get waxed every month and be showered with endless goodies and perks. So to give you even more incentive to keep coming back, we created our membership program.
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Simply call or text this number: 2023302611