Micro Facial

During the night, the male mites crawl into the pores where the female mites resides for procreation. A few days later, the female lays eggs in the pore that are hatched in a few more days. The life cycle is about 12 to 14 days.

The mites are so small so you cannot see them without a microscope, but you can feel them as an itch and, when you scratch, they feel like small sand pieces.
In the morning, when you rub your eyes, you can feel something comes rolling up! That is dead mite carcasses!”

What damage does Demodex Mites cause to the skin?

It causes our skin to have acne and uneven and rough skin texture along with increased cornification (hardening).

Demodex Brevis Mites live by nibbling on the gland cells. When Demodex moves along the glands, it goes in and out of the pore and walks on our skin, we feel itchiness.

Especially in the night and in the morning!

Demodex takes over our skin and makes it their home. It turns our skin rough just like a mole that makes a tunnel under the ground resulting in an uneven skin surface, lines and wrinkles called “Mite Trails

Demodex also speeds up the aging process!

The excrement of Demodex and dead Demodex make a physical chemistry reaction with each other causing serious skin problems and cornification. It also destroys capillaries.

The reason for saggy skin is that the numerous pores on the skin get bigger and Demodex is the main reason for this. The pores are stretched out since the Demodex mites are moving back and forth, so our skin loses elasticity and gains more wrinkles.Also, Demodex causes pigmentation problems.

Melanin is the factor that decides skin color for each race. If the melanin can’t be decomposed, it shows up as “black” and uneven coloring on the skin.

White people can decompose this melanin, so their skins show white.

Asian can decompose melanin in a certain amount, so skin shows yellow color.

If pigmentation problems happens, that means epidermis does not work properly to decompose melanin. The result; hyperpigmentation, freckles and age spots will appear.

How to get rid of pigmentation problems is to regenerate epidermis by exfoliation and by killing the mites.