Galvanic Facial Treatment And Led Photon

Reverse Time and Regain the Youthful Skin Has Never Been So Easy!

the first time, you’ll experience real gain without any pain.

Combining three advanced skin technologies giving you the best results: Ultrasound, Galvanic and LED Photon.

Treatments will tighten the skin; reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving it radiant, youthful and glowing. 

Ultrasound + Galvanic + LED Photon = BIOWAVE

Most facial treatments use only ultrasonic or galvanic function . in this treatment we use BIOWAVE technology.

By combining Ultrasonic Wave, Galvanic Ion and Photon LED the result is more effective.

Why Celebrities Love Galvanic Facial Treatment and LED Photon

Stars like Jessica Alba, Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, and Carmen Electra to name a few are well established figures for beauty that have used Light Therapy and Galvanic Facial in obtaining a youthful look.

FEATURES that makes this Facial  So Popular and Better than others:

Increases blood flow to give you a more younger-looking skin.

Galvanic-ionizing function.  bringing the nourishing products deep into your skin .

Red LED Light: wavelength 625+/-3nm (16 LEDS)

Whitens and lightens dark spots, repairs damaged skin, tightens pore.penetrates the skin approximately 8-10 mm in depth, which stimulates fiber cells and the production of collagen, making skin more elastic and smoothing  fine lines.

Green LED Light: wavelength 465+/-3nm (16 LEDS)

Diminishes inflammation, battles bacterium, and propionibacterium acnes treats acne and scars. soothing the skin.

Blue LED Light: wavelength 525+/-3nm (16 LEDS)

Has the effects of neutralization, balancing and calming the skin. Decreases obscure spots, oversensitive skin and dismiss wrinkles, recontracts pores, and increases collagen protein.