Cucumber, Aloe And Parsley Facial

Skin Soothing And Reduce Redness 

This is an amazingly refreshing face FACIAL . that’s great for the summer and those times we accidentally overdo it in the sun. 


It works beautifully for all skin types and is especially effective for Pitta (fire element skin types: those with reddish undertones or prone to breakouts and inflammation). 


Want to know why each of these ingredients is so good for your skin?


Cucumbers are mostly water but they contain natural acids (ascorbic and caffeic) that help to soothe skin and reduce swelling (there’s a reason cucumber slices are placed over the eyes at the spa!). They also have the exact same ph balance as skin so they’re perfect for helping to balance any skin type.


Aloe is extraordinarily effective at healing all sorts of skin woes, from eczema to sunburn to acne. It contains betacarotene, Vitamins C and E, salicylic acid, amino acids … it’s just great. 


Parsley helps to balance oil production. It’s naturally anti-inflammatory, works great as a skin brightener and is high in a wide range of vitamins and minerals (betacarotene, zinc, calcium, potassium and so much more) that help to keep skin looking its most radiant.